2016 with Satellite Hearts of the set of "Juxtaposed"


Born in Baltimore raised in Pennsylvania by way of New York City, Costa Rica, OCMD, or wherever he is in the world. Kirby is an artist trying to create as much as humanly possible. Whether by way of film, acting, directing, shooting, editing, or music, drums, guitar, piano, bass, or through art, painting, watercolor, collage, there are no creative barriers in his world.

Kirby is always trying to collaborate if you're interested in working together or commissioning art from him send an email to,


Here are some project Kirby has worked on or is currently working on click on the bolded projects to hear and see them


Kirby and The Vibe Tribe

  •   songwriter, vocals, keys, guitar

Up the chain

  • songwriter, guitar, drums

The Bernhardt Family Band

  • keys vocals


  • songwriter

Momma Holler

  • guitar, vocals

Wes Younger and the Noisy Servants

  • songwriter, guitar vocals


Lucho y Ana 

  • written with Keaton Thandi of Satellite Hearts in 2014


Reflection Pictures

  • assistant editor and animator

Farmhouse rules season 3 & 7

  • Props Assistant 

Showtime's Billions season 2

  • Production Department

CBS's Elementary Seasons 2 & 3 2013 2014 2015

  • Key Production Assistant Insert Units

Beat Bobby Flay Season 4, 5, & 62014 2015

  • Art Depatrment

Staten Island Summer                              2015   dir. Rhys Thomas

  • Key Production Assistant


Group Show: Guess We're Already There                       2015