kirby sybert
audio/visual artist


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With an innate ability to tap into a creative mindset, Kirby Sybert's boundless talent and infectious enthusiasm is readily apparent in any medium, whether it be fashion, film, fine art, or photography.  However, it is in performing music that Kirby finds his greatest rewards.  His musical adventures have led him around the world, sometimes leading his band Kirby & the VibeTribe, sometimes solo, sometimes backing up friends like Mo Lowda and the Humble and Ali Awan, playing whatever instrument is at hand or just harmonizing with strangers in an effort to spread his message of positivity.  This is reflected in his songs, which are built on hip-shaking grooves, while his lyrics portray a vast set of characters, united in their struggle to be better people in a better world.  Because of his intense focus on forging a relationship with his audience, every one of Kirby's performances is a unique experience.  It is simply in his nature; if there is a piano in a room, it will be played, and if there is a person in the room, they will be befriended.  The only way to truly understand is to experience it for yourself!


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“If you feel the vibe, you’re in the tribe”. Created when a single primordial particle exploded outwards in an instantaneous flash, Kirby & the VibeTribe brings you soulful sounds from another dimension.  Led by Kirby Sybert on guitar and vocals, what was once an organic jam made up of likeminded musicians has coalesced into a five-piece band that is both lean and expansive.  Keaton Thandi's cerebral, dramatic drumming pairs with Noah Skaroff's hip, melodic bass to anchor the group and provide a platform for Sybert's message, summed up by the lyric, "I only breathe positivity, I could just live on this alone."  With John Hildenbrand contributing joyous gospel-informed keys work and Becca Brunskill adding sultry vocals and jazz flute, the VibeTribe brings a potent palette of sounds that instantly engages listeners.  


2017 saw the release of the band's debut EP, "Feel the Vibe", recorded at a weekend-long New Years' party in a deserted beach town.  After following that release with a pair of singles, the VibeTribe has a number of projects in the works for 2018 and beyond including a full length follow-up, a live album, an acoustic EP, a narrative film, mixed-media performances with other Philadelphia artists, and an orchestral album of instrumentals.  With boundless enthusiasm born of the spirit of true artistic collaboration, Kirby & the VibeTribe are greeting the future with arms open.